Bilstein b4 vs b6

The answer is simple. By no means do I want to start driving this car around a track, but I do enjoy a car which handles well. Has anyone here used the Bversions on their E60?

To me, the Bis still a performance damper, just . Down to which lowering level can I go with BILSTEIN Bsports shock absorbers ( not shortened) in conjunction with shorter springs?

That is what is typically. Is the BILSTEIN BSport shock absorber harder than the BILSTEIN BOil or the BGas shock absorber? Basically the BILSTEIN BSport shock . In Europe they advertise the bfor standard cars, bare for sport suspension and bare for performance suspension.

Already have HR springs on the rear and need the relevant shocks to cope with the weight and depth of how much its lowered by. About to order some new front struts. I am thinking about new shocks to go with original Turbo springs and struts.

Will my car become much stiffer with Bloosing touring comfort?

B4s are very close to the stock shocks am I correct? Carnewal sells Bfor 875 . It tilts way too forward. My question is, which ones are preferable, Bor B, . Ondanks de ruime tips etc omtrent de verschillende typen shokbrekers twijfel ik toch welk type ik zal nemen voor mijn wagen. Also does using lowering springs (lesjofer) make the ride . Ik twijfel tussen Ben B6.

Iemand ervaring hiermee in combinatie met M-sportonderstel? Binnenkort ga ik misschien ook verlagingsveren plaatsen. Bilstein B- Duration: 5:05. BILSTEIN has a legendary reputation for providing original equipment. Now according the website it says it can fit the Bon all front wheels, but the Bonly goes on the rear (the parts catalog says otherwise).

This is a very common question! There is a big difference between them, not just the colour! Also, it seems the Bseries was designed to be used with stock springs.

RWD On the site, it listed there are sets of shocks available for the W210.

Some people have had them for years with no problems while others report they blow easily. One report also said they were made in the same factory as . Volvo SSE Sport R-D. Join Date: Location: Gloucester. I plan to keep the original springs for now and I am between the Band B6. I understand that B4s work quite well on the GT 3. I keep wondering that maybe Bwill provide a bit tighter body control without being too hard.

So, anyone used Bon their GT? How did you find them? Utilizing both twin-tube .